Happy Holidays for Remote Teams

At Union Code, our mission is to help people live their lives and love their work from anywhere in the world. This is a fantastic lifestyle and it shines bright during the holiday season.

Our mission is to help people live their lives and love their work from anywhere.

My flight home was affordable with a noon departure. I didn't work at the office until December 23rd. I didn't spend three times as much on a flight home. I didn't depart at an unreal time of day to save a little money. I found a date and time that was affordable (December 16th, in my case) and booked it. I made work work around my schedule.

I can spend more time with my friends and family. When I landed, I spent the first few days in my University's city. Most of my friends still live in the city and work during the daytime. So, I did the same. My team never knew the difference and my work got done. In the evenings, I'd catchup with my friends who thought I was on vacation.

Our office is everywhere. Since we're setup for remote work, we're also setup for nomadic work. Any of us can travel anywhere and our office will follow. While away for the holidays, we signed a new client contract, held regular meetings, paid our accountant, and finished up year-end reports. We did this comfortably and across three different timezones.

This is the life that we are making for ourselves, our team, and you. We believe in remote work and using it to create a balanced lifestyle. We want to see more people from more industries embracing remote work to balance their own lives. While it's not perfect, it's getting better every year!

⛄️ Happy Holidays from Union Code!

Photo by erban