Incorporating in Canada: Series

I’ve wanted to start a company for quite some time. When I ran the idea through my head it was so simple:

  • Come up with a kick ass name
  • Fill out a few forms with the government
  • Pay a nominal fee
  • Register a domain
  • Build a site
  • Have a big boy company

Turns out, it isn’t that simple to register a software company in Canada. It is tough due to a combination of distinct federal and provincial incorporation zones, forms that ask questions with no explanation, and a number of steps that have absolutely no context or help of any kind.

I couldn’t find any posts that walked through the details of incorporation in Canada, so I decided to write one myself. I am no expert; I have only started one company and I made a bunch of mistakes going through the process. With the help of my co-founders, friends, and lawyers I managed to get everything ready to go, and it only cost a few extra dollars to fix the errors that I made along the way!

I will be putting together a series of posts where I walk through the steps we took to incorporate. The questions we ran into and the solutions we tried, both successfully and unsuccessfully.

Here are the topics I will be covering in order:

Photo credit Samuel Auguste.