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We recently made an improvement in to help you better understand your visitors. It's small, but packs a big punch. 👊 Your daily summaries now »

Introducing Arc

We're proud to announce the release of Arc to the Slack App Directory! Google Analytics summarized simply in Slack. Arc is designed to help teams stay-on-top »

Writing is hard.

Writing is hard. Much harder than I ever gave it credit for. I’ve worked alongside advertising agency copywriters for years. A lot of them are »

2015 Year in Review

We're proud to say that December 31, 2015 marks Union Code's first complete year. While we didn't move as quick as a Silicon Valley unicorn bent »


I have to admit, I love naming our products. It's fun and addicting to think of names and brands. I often find myself lost in the »

Just Start

No one is born into greatness. No one picks up a hockey stick and instantly becomes a prodigy. We are all human and we have to »

Introducing QuickBit

QuickBit allows you to log healthy activities to your Fitbit account. Thinking about the problem first. As a remote team, our office is only a few »