Raw Data

We built Arc to reduce information overload from your analytics. Graphs and numbers are powerful, but without context they're difficult to unravel. This is why Arc »

Conversion Rates

Arc helps you build a clear and simple view of your analytics in Slack. Last week we improved weekly and monthly summaries with performance metrics. This »

New Performance Summaries

Since our beginning, a common theme has been to simplify more Google Analytics data. Every morning, we're fortunate enough to wake up to emails and /arc-feedback »

New Tabbed Dashboard

Our latest design change incorporates tabs into the dashboard with two goals in mind: Improving the onboarding process Positioning summaries front and centre. We achieved both »

Same day previous week

We recently made an improvement in Arc.ai to help you better understand your visitors. It's small, but packs a big punch. 👊 Your daily summaries now »

Introducing Arc

We're proud to announce the release of Arc to the Slack App Directory! Google Analytics summarized simply in Slack. Arc is designed to help teams stay-on-top »